Chin and facial Implants

Chin and facial implants can result in significant improvement of facial balance.

Balanced facial bone structure is one of the most powerful elements of attractiveness. As the center of the jaw, the chin is especially important. If the extension of the chin is not adequate, the mid-face and the nose will appear especially large.

A weak chin can also make the neck appear rolled and fleshy, commonly referred to as a “double chin”. Aging can worsen this condition, due to both the movement of fat to underneath the chin and the laxity of the muscle sling that holds up the tissue under the chin. Chin and jaw implants properly align the chin below the nose, helping achieve the desired jaw shape.

Medpor implants are typically used during a chin or facial implant procedure. The implants are placed over the bone through intra-oral incisions (inside the mouth) increasing the dimensions and skillfully defining the shape of the chin or facial line.

Stitches will dissolve within a month. Common symptoms after the surgery include swelling, bruising and tightness of the facial soft tissues that will usually resolve within a couple of weeks. The implant material will mesh with your natural bone over time and will look like a natural part of the body permanently.